Pride Cross Stitch: Allo-Aro Dragon

Handdrawn illustration of a green meadow foreground with green pine trees growing against various green-hued mountain ridgelines. Scene is overlaid with the dark green/light green/white/grey/black stripes of the aromantic pride flag. The text Aro Worlds Crafts sits across the image in a black, antique handdrawn type, separated by two ornate Victorian-style black dividers.

As I’m deep in the middle of last-minute proofreading, today’s Aro Week post is something small, cheerful and slightly goofy: a little allo-aro dragon.

A cross-stitched patch sitting atop a blue microfibre blanket. The patch features a green dragon with darker green wings, undersized compared to the dragon's body, and a belly striped in yellow and gold. White splotches dapple the dragon's back and yellow spikes trim its spine and tail. The patch is stitched on white aida and edged with a double row of white blanket stitch, resembling a lace trim.

Because I wanted to keep to pride colours, the darker green stitches for eyes, nostril and lips don’t stand out against the lighter green. I should have stitched them in black as per the chart. I do like how boxing in the stitches with squareish outlining adds to the goofiness, though; this little guy belongs in a vintage video game!

This design is by Durene Jones and was published in issue 321 of the UK magazine The World of Cross Stitching. This issue includes a 41-pattern set of fantasy and mythology-themed motif patterns (great for patches) with a colour palette making heavy use of greens, yellows, white, grey and black. Perfect for aros who like fairy tales!

I stitched this piece in the Sullivans equivalent to DMC 401, 403, white/blanc, 727 and 725. Rather than edge in buttonhole stitch as usual, I finished this patch with a blanket stitch through each hole along the edge of the design, followed by a second row of blanket stitch worked through the stitches of the first row. This gives the aida edges a lace-like trim … and it’s a lot quicker than buttonhole stitch. So much quicker!

This issue (released last year) also has a watermelon tag pattern that’s begging for an aroflux or abro makeover. I may be planning to stitch the unicorn and pegasus designs onto a green cotton tote to make another aro-themed bag, because who doesn’t need more than one?

Pride Cross Stitch: Beutron Fruit Kits

Six digitally-created versions of cross stitch pride patches, arranged in two rows of three, against a background of a textured partially-translucent aromantic pride flag. Text between the two rows reads Aro Pride Patches in black type. Patches include a rectangular patch in aroflux zigzag stripes, an idemromantic heart, an aro flag text patch reading "aro", a square in quoiromantic stripes, an arrow design in allo-aro colours and a second arrow in nebularomantic colours.

For @aggressivelyarospec‘s Aggressively Arospectacular 2022 week-long event, I have again undertaken a quest of daily creative offerings.

I’m kicking off proceedings with patches from kits that are so close to being pride-themed I didn’t make them over: Beutron’s watermelon and pineapple cross-stitch mini kits.

Photo of two patches formed from the Beutron mini cross stitch kits. Left: a pink watermelon slice with green rind, stitched in green, light green, cream, light pink and pink. Right: a pineapple topped with green leaves, stitched in gold, yellow, cream, light green and green. Both patches are edged in buttonhole stitch using a cream floss slightly darker than that included in the kit. Both patches sit atop a blue microfibre blanket.

I may have squealed upon sighting these. Can a pre-existing kit be any more allo-aro?

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