Handdrawn illustration of a mountain road scene with trees in the foreground and bushes in the background. Scene is overlaid with the dark green/light green/white/grey/black stripes of the aro pride flag. The text Aro Worlds Resources sits across the image in a black, antique handdrawn type, separated by two ornate Victorian-style black dividers.

Are you looking for more general aromantic information? Aromantic creative media sorted by category? Stock images? This page collects links, general resources, tags, articles, list posts and discussion posts.

Tumblr Tags – Media Categories

Tumblr Tags – Aromantic Identities

Artist Profiles and Templates

  • Aromantic Artist Profiles: a series of interviews with aro creatives talking identity, the aromantic spectrum and creativity.
  • Artist Profile Templates: if you’re aromantic and engaged in any shape of creativity, this guide will let you submit your own interview.
  • Post Prompts: if you’re in need of a little inspiration in expressing or celebrating aro creativity, try these prompts for reviews, promotion and discussion posts.
  • Submissions Guidelines: optional templates to help guide people in submitting creative content to my blogs.

Media Collection Posts

  • Aromantic Fiction: a list of K. A.’s aromantic short stories and novelettes.
  • Allo-Aro Fiction: a list of K. A.’s short stories and novelettes about allo-aro narrating protagonists.
  • Aromantic and Autistic Fiction: a list of K. A.’s short stories and novelettes about autistic and aromantic narrating protagonists.
  • Aromantic and Transgender Fiction: a list of K. A.’s short stories and novelettes about transgender and aromantic narrating protagonists.
  • Loveless Aro Poetry: a list of Tumblr poets writing aromantic narratives that don’t centre on an aro’s ability for non-romantic love.
  • Loveless Aro Friendly Fiction: a list of K. A.’s short stories and novelettes that don’t contextualise a protagonist’s feelings of attraction and connection as love.
  • Allo-Aro Narratives: a list of Tumblr’s free allo-aro fiction, fanfiction, comics and headcanons.

Allo-Aro Resources

Flags, Pride Crafts and Stock Images

  • @aroflagarchive Tumblr: a blog dedicated to archiving aromantic-spectrum identity and variant flag proposal posts.
  • Aro Arrows: an archive of aromantic-spectrum arrow, banner, flag and gradient images free for all non-commercial and most commercial uses.
  • Allo-Aro Stock Images: a collection of free-to-use allo-aro pride flag images, banners, dividers and frames.
  • Pride Patch Tutorials: how to make hand-embroidered cross stitch patches in a variety of aromantic pride flag designs.

Essays, Articles and Posts

  • Articles and Guides Master Post: this page collects informative articles, zines, infographics and posts about aromanticism by many members of the aromantic community.