Catch a Man (Have the Girl)

Yuissa is the only partner Adelin wants, but survival in Ihrne requires both girls to keep secret their truth. No matter: they’re only a year away from having coin enough to escape to a cottage in Greenstone, a paradise of vegetable gardens, rescued cats and unrestrained affection. They can survive anything until then, right? Yet when Adelin’s worried mother and grandmother plot to solve Adelin’s unwed state by forcing her to court a male acquaintance, Yuissa thinks a beard the only answer.

A queer-seeming bookseller called Nevolin ein Yinne may do, but the process of asking isn’t quite so simple…

Contains: A cis, sapphic, probably-demiromantic shopgirl defying restrictive notions of good; a cis, bisexual, autistic shopgirl defying restrictive notions of abled; two older cishet women enduring and perpetrating misogyny; and a promise of a future possessed of a goodly number of cats.

Setting: Catch a Man (Have the Girl) is an Eagle Court story taking place a couple of months before the Patreon-exclusive piece Booksellers Who Know Things. It references some of the same characters, but it isn’t necessary to have read any other story to comprehend this one. This story will be slightly more amusing if you know that Nevo thinks Adelin is sincere about wishing to date him, however!

Content Advisory: References to and depictions of emotional abuse, amatonormativity, misogyny, heterosexism and ableism; casual references to sex and sexual attraction; and discussions about and depictions of romantic-coded behaviours like embracing, physical intimacy and marriage. It should be noted that this story focuses on the misogyny dealt to women by other women.

It’s also written by a nebularomantic who can’t tell you if Adelin is allosexual demiromantic or allosexual aromantic and demialterous/demiqueerplatonic, but she is in an intimate relationship that may be read as romantic.

Length: 4, 021 words (thus far).

Part One: Adelin’s morning is thrown into chaos when Grandmam decides it’s high time to arrange her wedding.

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