A Quest of Spheres and Phalanges

The sixth Mara and Esher Hill story. A Quest of Spheres and Phalanges begins the day following Love is the Reckoning.

To save Mara’s life, all Esher Hill need do is ride to Sirenne, get his guiding priest to permit his addressing the Grey Mages and convince representatives from a powerful collective of magic workers to heal a dying sorcerer. He has his fathers’ money and a willingness to work off any remaining debt. How much more, short of his now-unsellable soul, can her life cost?

It seems simple enough a prospect, if Esher ignores the encumbrance of a family friend, his inability to remember his medicines, his hand’s meeting a wall, a tray-spilling mishap and the Greys’ staggering disdain for altruism. Not to mention his increasing lack of sleep, stability and sanity following his kin’s revelations and manipulations! But when Esher learns what—and where—he must seek for the Greys’ promise of healing magic, his hope of retrieving their long-lost artefact seems as broken as his right hand. How can he survive the Gast’s pantheon of horrors when he feels increasingly unable to survive his own mind?

How can he help Mara if he can’t even help himself?

Contains: A graysexual, aromantic trans man struggling to cope with the aftermath of his family’s secrets; a collection of neurodiverse priest-psychologists in service to their community and god; an enigmatic sect of magic workers in pursuit of an eldritch artefact; and a genderless, aromantic Rajadi noble with a passion for archaeology, maps and well-explained social customs.

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Length: 14, 185 words (thus far).

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