K. A. Cook

Handdrawn illustration of a green meadow foreground with green pine trees growing against various green-hued mountain ridgelines. Scene is overlaid with the blue/white/pink stripes of the nebularomantic pride flag. The text Aro Worlds K A Cook sits across the image in a black, antique handdrawn type, separated by two ornate Victorian-style black dividers.

K. A. Cook is an abrosexual, abroromantic, agender autistic who experiences chronic pain and mental illness. Ze writes creative non-fiction, personal essays and fiction about the above on the philosophy that if the universe is going to make life interesting, ze may as well make interesting art.

Ze is the author of many short fantasy stories combining ridiculous magic, cats, dogs, disability, bacon, mental illness, stim toys, cross stitch, coeliac disease, verbose eldritch entities and as many transgender and aromantic autistics as any one story can hold.

You can find hir blogging at Aro Worlds, making stock images at Aro Arrows and running the Tumblr accounts @aroworlds and @alloaroworlds.

Pronouns: ze/hir/hirs (strongly preferred) or he/him/his (spoken usage only, not preferred). I consider all uses of “they” and “she” as an act of misgendering.


@aroworlds: An archive/community blog focusing on aromantic-spectrum creative media. Everything from visual pride art and comics to fanfiction and original fiction belongs here.

@alloaroworlds: An archive/community blog collecting only allo-aro-specific posts and content. I also post intra-community discussion pieces about allo-aro experiences, erasure and antagonism.

@aroflagarchive: An irregularly-updating blog archiving aromantic-spectrum identity and variant flag proposal posts. It’s difficult to find these posts for credit or reference when they’re lost amidst reblogs on Tumblr, so this blog collects flags and only flags.

@stimtoybox: An archive of stim toy informative, review and tutorial posts, along with odd neurodiversity, autism, disability and chronic pain discussions.

Ko-fi: a place where you can help me keep creating by buying me digital beverages!

Patreon: a place where you can get early and exclusive content for only $1 a month!

Queer Without Gender: my personal website and archive for all my queer fiction, books, publications and other projects.

Aro Arrows: an aromantic spectrum stock image library and flag archive. A collection of flags, banners, dividers and frames, covering as many aromantic identities as is possible for one person to make.


A pixel art text banner reading the word "queer" on a back background, each letter striped to match an aromantic spectrum pride flag. From left to right, flags are: aromantic, abroromantic, arovague, nebularomantic, allo-aro.

My abroromanticism includes shifts between nebularomantic, quoiromantic, arovague and idemromantic identities, as autism significantly shapes and impacts my aromanticism. My abrosexuality includes shifts in the genders to who I am attracted and shifts in the intensity of said attraction, but I am always multisexual. I sometimes identify as any of the above identities alone.

My abroromanticism is an aromantic spectrum identity. I do not consider my abrosexuality an asexual spectrum identity.

Bunting image displaying six flags hanging from a brown rope. From left to right, flags are: green aromantic, idemromantic, arovague, nebularomantic, abroromantic and allo-aro.

I am an allo-aro writer, blogger and community member. I am not aro-ace (or abro aro-ace!) and no longer identify as part of the asexual community. I identify predominantly as allosexual, even though I am sometimes greysexual. My fiction focuses on non-partnering, polyamorous, loveless and sex-favourable allo-aros.

I am not sex or romance repulsed, although I am often alienated by the omnipresence of (neuronormative) romance narratives. I am also alienated by the expectation that romance repulsion or negativity is a default aromantic experience and the assumption that aros must love in non-romantic ways.

I do, proudly, refer to myself as loveless.

Butch/queer transmasculine shapes of expression and experience shape my lack of gender, but I reject the use of words historically associated with a binary gender identity to describe me or my genderlessness. I also reject the use of words associating “agender” with “neutral gender” to describe me or my genderlessness.

I also attempt to navigate mental illnesses, chronic finger/wrist/shoulder pain, coeliac disease, dermatitis and migraines.

Because a good deal of information about me is already available on the internet, I don’t give out my age. I’m an adult and I’m older than 25.

If you’d like to know more about me, please see my artist profile.


I gather stim toys (favourites include squishy plush and Tangles), listen to European melodic metal (favourite bands are Dark Tranquillity, Eluveitie and Kamelot), play Magic: the Gathering and consume most things spec-fic (although I’m more fantasy-leaning than science fiction). Favourite mainstream authors include Tamora Pierce, N. K. Jemisin, Robin Hobb and Lois McMaster Bujold; favourite TV shows include Farscape, Dark MatterKilljoys, the UK Being Human, Warehouse 13, Community and (although it isn’t spec fic) Mythbusters.

(Supernatural isn’t exactly a favourite, but I am a fan of allo-aro Dean Winchester. I also want to discuss Stargate: Atlantis‘s creation of another accidental allo-aro in John Sheppard.)

I scrapbook and collect fashion dolls and Sylvanian Families figurines, for which I like to sew and craft when my hands permit. (I’ve made handbags, dresses, miniature foods and other small accessory and clothing items.) I also sew pride-themed flag patches and other cross-stitch and freehand embroidery pieces, although I’m still afraid to use my grandmother’s vintage embroidery floss collection! I’m also working on a series of loosely-fantastic/fairy-tale styled clothing for Lori / American Girl Mini dolls, based on a few original characters.

Photo of various handmade items sitting on a blue microfibre blanket: an assortment of aromantic-spectrum cross stitch patches, a pendant necklace with beads in allo-aro flag colours, a notebook decorated with washi tape in aro flag colours, two notepads decorated with washi tape in aro and idemromantic flag colours, a hoop art piece with a rainbow embroidered in nebularomantic flag colours, and two Sylvanian Families grey rabbits dressed in handsewn dresses striped in aro and allo-aro flag colours.

I scribble notes on four whiteboards hanging all over my bedroom, own a notebook collection I can’t use and am possessed of the ability to organise the maximum amount of objects into the minimum amount of space. I like bright colours, the smell of lemongrass, rice, spinach, clothes without tags, very sharp embroidery scissors and buttons arranged in fancy glass jars.

I dislike society’s continual requirement for brevity, sausages, beige, artificial fragrances and most pop music.

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