Nine Laws: Allo-Aro Fairy Tales

In the Ring, everyone knows that witches scorn respectability, mock propriety and parade promiscuity. In Blackvale, everyone knows that witches lure princesses into towers, force maidens into servitude and turn enemies into crows. Everyone knows that while a witch’s magic has its uses, their ideas challenge the rule of kings and sorcerers alike. But what if a coven offers the only safety for a sorcerer running from the Citadel? But what if the princess seeks the witch’s aid in escaping her handsome consort? What if only witches defend against the parading heroes insistent on romantic rituals and heirs conceived in marriage?

Nine Laws: fairy-tale-inspired stories focusing on non-partnering and sex-favourable allo-aro characters.

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Luck of the Ball

Luck of the Ball: A Nine Laws Novelette cover by K. A. Cook. Cover features scenery of trees at night against a grey stone wall, candlelit lanterns hanging from the branches. Grass and vines grow in the foreground. Text is set in a white, slightly-curving serif type; white curlicues matching the text, set in each corner, form a broken frame around the text.

A coven of gentlewoman witches seems like the perfect place for Luck Vaunted to hide from hir powerful brother, father and husband. Even better, the upcoming Guildmeet ball offers the new Luck the perfect chance to experiment with genderlessness, magic and sex, if only ze can avoid more sorcery-revealing accidents. Sure, the witches welcome hir with open arms, but after hir twin’s betrayal, how can ze risk trusting anyone but hirself?

When hir brother attends the Guildmeet, a lover expects romantic intimacy and a quest of boots threatens to reveal hir deceit, Luck can no longer outrun hir monsters. Hir only chance of escape: the Westhold coven. But how does ze ask, when ze has lied to them, too?

Some fairy-tale families are formed by blood or marriage. Others are formed by aromantic witches defending each other against respectability, amatonormativity … and the sorcerer potentate’s heir.

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Length: 3, 902 words (in progress).

Bones of Green and Hearts of Gold

Bones of Green and Hearts of Gold: A Nine Laws Short Story cover by K. A. Cook. Cover features scenery of a dense forest of green and orange leafed/autumnal trees, the ground underneath covered by branches and thick patches of green ivy. Text is set in a white, slightly-curving serif type; white curlicues matching the text, set in each corner, form a broken frame around the text.

Constance, princess of Blackvale, knows the duty of a summer-hearted heir: wed the prince, birth the child, symbolise her people’s prosperity and fecundity. Love, joyously and passionately, a man even she believes handsome and kind. But what if her heart can’t cast summer’s warmth? What if she feels solely the profane desires of skin and flesh? What if Blackvale’s crops wither and rot unripened because their future queen can’t—and won’t—bow to the nonsensical-seeming rule of seasons?

She knows only one way to avoid catastrophe, falsehood and marriage: surrendering herself to the Forest Witch. Not even for his daughter will the king risk angering the feared but necessary master of briars, protector of forests and abductor of women.

Constance expects a lifetime’s bondage to a dangerous witch, freeing her cousin to inherit Blackvale’s throne. The witch has other ideas…

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Length: 7, 087 words / 30 PDF pages.

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