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Warning, Tagging and Advising

Please see this post for why I have difficulty, as a queer allo-aro, with many of the aromantic community’s cultural norms around warning for content. This is my best attempt to accommodate as many norms as possible while trying to minimise the damage done to me as a queer content creator.

For reblogged and non-original content on the @aroworlds Tumblr, I will add categorisation and advisories via tags. Common tags include:

  • Names of aromantic identities
  • Variant pride flags (usually referenced by two colours)
  • Problematic language use (eg: ableist, amatonormative, heterosexist)
  • The nature of the post in question (art, fiction, poetry, fancontent)
  • The name of the post author

For original content on Tumblr, WordPress and Patreon, I will provide an in-post content advisory directly underneath the header. Tumblr and WordPress posts may include additional tags.

I do not provide warning tags on Patreon.

I am a physically, mentally and neurodevelopmentally disabled creator. Tagging, when the aro community is yet to develop a clear, consistent standard in what, when and how we warn for sexual and romantic content in general aromantic tags and spaces, is a living nightmare. Please expect an imperfect mastery of this at best!

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On Alloromanticism, Romance and Romantic Content

My fiction and essays frequently refer to amatonormativity, aro erasure, aro antagonism, romantic attraction, alloromanticism, romance and love.

I have a fair sense of the difference between (Western, highly neuronormative) romantic behaviours and my own needs and desires in relationships with other humans. I do struggle, however, to distinguish between autistic-favourable romance and platonic or queerplatonic demonstrations of affection or intimacy. Additionally, allo-aros can perform many (if not all) behaviours (Western, neuronormative) society codes as romantic in platonic-and/or-sexual ways. In other words: what is and isn’t romantic comes down to individual perception.

While the need to protect the sex and romance repulsed (and those repulsed by behaviours associated with either experience) in aromantic spaces is important, it’s difficult to issue meaningful blanket warnings for romance. My warnings are therefore based on specific content and mentions, not on my guess as to whether some people find certain behaviours to be romantic or romantic-coded.

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On Allosexuality, Sex and Sexual Content

My fiction and essays predominantly focus on allo-aro experiences, needs and concerns. I rarely write from a general aro perspective. Please assume, therefore, that all such pieces include references to or depictions of sexual attraction, allosexuality, allo-aro antagonism, allo-aro erasure and sex. Additionally, these topics often require references to or depictions of misogyny, amatonormativity, sex negativity, slut shaming, purity culture and queer antagonism.

My use of the #alloaro and #allosexual aromantic tags by default include casual sex mentions and non-explicit sexual content and references. I don’t, as a general rule, append additional warnings for casual sex mentions to my essays, but I do add them for my fiction.

I have the tag #non explicit sexual references for when I’m not discussing allo-aro experiences or said references are significant enough to need additional attention.

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Content for Which I Won’t Warn

I won’t provide content advisories for mentions of sexual orientation, sexual attraction identities or allosexual identity. Posts will be tagged as the identity in question, using the #aromantic and pansexual, #aromantic and asexual format.

I don’t warn or tag for use of the word queer. I am a queer author of queer fiction in a country where it is common for queers to use queer to describe ourselves and our queer community. I am not warning for use of the word that is my own identity. Please expect me to use this word casually, carelessly and frequently.

I don’t warn or tag for use of non-slur-releated swearing. Use of the word “fuck”, for example, won’t be warned for/tagged, but misogynistic or ableist slurs will be.

I try to but cannot always warn for casual mentions of the following on a post that requires multiple tags (meaning I am limited in how much I can tag):

  • Embracing
  • Hugging
  • Kissing
  • Love
  • Romance
  • Sexual attraction
  • Touching

I do use the tag #physical intimacy as a catch-all. Please keep in mind that I am an aro who experiences and writes about attraction. My blogs will not be suitable for aros who must avoid all references to all behaviours suggestive of attraction.

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Advisories: Depiction Tags

These tags are used to indicate the depiction of concepts or terms that people may prefer to blacklist.

Please be aware that this list of content is specific to the aromantic community. It will include content for which other communities don’t commonly warn.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Ableism
  • Ableist language
  • Abuse and assault
  • Allo-aro antagonism
  • Amatonormativity
  • Aro antagonism
  • Cissexism
  • Explicit sexual references
  • Familial abuse
  • Heterosexism
  • Kissing
  • Love
  • Misogyny
  • Non-explicit sexual references
  • Physical intimacy
  • Racism
  • Romance
  • Romance negative language
  • Romance repulsion
  • Self-harm
  • Sex negative language
  • Sex repulsion
  • Soulmate
  • Suicidal ideation
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Post Length

This website is run by a physically-disabled aro who is limited in making content fully accessible. For this reason, this blog will not be accessible to all disabled followers, particularly with regard to image descriptions and post length.

I am a verbose, repetition-prone, wordy autistic. I have been bullied, harassed and abused (online and offline) because of my autistic way of speaking and writing–for not saying things with maximum brevity. I do break up long paragraphs, vary my sentences and put very long posts under read more/keep reading cuts, but I rarely post anything shorter than a thousand words. Please don’t ask me to be more concise, as much as you may need this from me. I can’t be.

Please note that on Tumblr I rarely put posts under a keep reading cut unless they’re very long: I don’t want rebloggers to lose the content should my blog be deleted. I always tag for long posts (#extremely long post) so they can be blacklisted if needed/desired.

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Image Descriptions

Because I have chronic hand, finger and shoulder pain; because my communication style means throwing hundreds of words at the keyboard; and because I get asked many questions on multiple blogs, I do not have the ability to both speak how is natural to me and add image descriptions to other people’s content. For this reason, my sites will not be fully accessible for people who use screen-readers.

Any content on the @aroworlds Tumblr or WordPress sites that isn’t described will be tagged #undescribed or #undescribed images.

Described content includes:

  • My original and self-promotional posts
  • My book covers
  • My Aro Worlds banners, headers and widget images
  • My photos, cross stitch patterns and art

Undescribed content includes:

  • Follower-submitted artwork and visual content, unless it is described by the submitter
  • All reblogged content
  • All submitted images in the aromantic artist profiles
  • All videos
  • All images posted on my Aro Arrows archive
  • My arrow dividers/text break images (to reduce text clutter for folks using screen readers)
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Reviews, Vendors and Product References

All vendor or product reviews and recommendations are free expressions of my own opinion as a sewist/crafter wishing to help other aros creatively express their pride. All products recommended on this website have been purchased by me or gifted to me by friends or family. I have no contact or association with, and gain no payment from, any company, retailer or organisation referenced on this website. I have never been provided free products for review.

This website does not contain affiliate links. I provide links only to help other aro crafters access products I like.

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