Aromantic Fic Prompts

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This is the list of prompts from our series of Aromantic Fiction Prompts for Pride Month (June 2018). I’ll be leaving this up after Pride Month is over, so if you want to give any of these a go, please @ mention this blog in your post or submit us a link!

Please note that I’ve only included the plot prompts below, and you’ll need to click on the links to view other requested information like identity, mood and optional characteristics.

All fiction prompt posts are tagged as #aro spec fic prompts.

If you wish to participate, please check out this post for more information. If you need help in formatting your response, you might like to check out our submissions template page for ideas and the about page for information on allowable content.

If you prefer more fandom in your prompt meme, please check out the Gen and Aro Prompt Meme Challenge on AO3, run by @crimsonsquare. There’s a range of prompts waiting to be filled, and the creator encourages anyone to come in and make a few of their own!

⁕ author: @lagamerita ⁕ [prompt]

An Aro person has gotten a hysterectomy/vasectomy and now gets to tell their grandbaby-crazy parents about it.

⁕ author: @crimsonsquare ⁕ [prompt]

An aro-spec human and an alloromantic AI have a conversation about coding people as robotic.

⁕ author: @acemindbreaker ⁕ [prompt]

An aroace (or grey-aro/grey-ace) AFAB person is asked to be a surrogate by an AMAB friend and their AMAB partner.

⁕ author: k.a. ⁕ [prompt]

An akoiromantic and a frayromantic discussing love, identity and relationships (be they familial, platonic, queerplatonic or romantic) while gardening

⁕ author: @crimsonsquare ⁕ [prompt]

There’s a power in saying “I don’t know – what even is that?”, and it’s funny how different the questions are for this answer when you’re both quoiro and agnostic.

⁕ author: anon ⁕ [prompt] [fills: one]

Aromantic mlm, light-hearted, casual coming out.

⁕ author: k.a. ⁕ [prompt]

Jessie comes out as greyromantic while casing an art gallery with Keiko.