Allosexual Aromantic

Information and Resources

Allo-Aro 101: a beginner’s breakdown on being both allosexual and aromantic.

Allo-Aro Friendly Terminology: how to understand and use common a-spec community terms without erasing, hurting or angering allosexual aromantics.

Allo-Aro Erasure, A Guide: a list of more than fifty ways allo-aros experience aromantic and allosexual erasure in a-spec and aromantic community spaces.

Allo-Aro Community Inclusion, A Guide: a list of actions you can take to help allosexual aromantics feel welcome and accepted in aromantic and a-spec spaces both online and offline.

(For an additional guide focusing on allo-aro inclusion in the aromantic community, please check out this post.)

Allo-Aro Manifesto: a declaration of terminology, definitions and community expectations, inside and outside a-spec spaces.

How to Ally and How (Not) to Ally: an article series discussing allyhood and the content made by well-meaning allies–and why some approaches still fail to recognise, promote, welcome, protect and include us.

Writing Allo-Aro Characters: a two-part series on how I think allies should go about the process of writing allo-aro characters. (Please note that this is not meant as advice for own-voices creators!)

Allo-Aro Post Archive: a list of activism-themed posts on the subject of allosexual aromantic antagonism and erasure, community identity, terminology and allyhood.

Allo-Aro or Aroallo: A note on the flexibility of allo-aro/varioriented community language (and why you may consider hyphenation).

Solidarity Not Conflation: @aromanticrey’s essay on the relationship between the aromantic and asexual communities, with particular focus on how this impacts allo-aros.

Allo-Aro is How I Experience Aromanticism: @bottom-of-the-riverbed‘s essay on the importance the words “allosexual” and “allo-aro” in conveying xir aromantic identity and finding community.

How to Navigate a Casual Sexual Relationship as an Allo-Aro: @aro-without-an-ace has created a short guide for allo-aros seeking casual sexual relationships (note that the protection section doesn’t cover all anatomical needs).

Maybe More People Are Arospec (Part 3): @aro-comics, in comic form, discusses allo-aro antagonistic tropes, amatonormativity and why allo-aros in particular may feel alienated from identifying with aromanticism.

Tags and Community

Tumblr tags relevant to allo-aros include #alloaro, #aroallo, #allo aro, #allosexual aromantic and #allosexual aromanticism.

Community blogs focusing on allosexual aromantic experience, identity and representation include:

A much longer list, including individual allo-aro bloggers and creators, can be found at the Allo-Aro Community Directory. @urpurplehairedsage has created another (more recently updated!) masterlist of Tumblr’s allo-aros.

Content on this site uses the tag #alloaro and the categories allo aro and allo aro fiction.

Pride Flags and Stock Images

A more complete listing of flags depicting or referring to allo-aro pride, including sub-cateogories and relationship terms, can be found at the Allo-Aro Flag Guide. The tag #alloaro on the @aroflagarchive Tumblr will bring up a wide variety of combination/merged flags, like allo-aro lesbian.

@tiredofcishets has authored an important breakdown on why an allo-aro flag matters as a way of demonstrating allo-aro identity and pride inside and outside the aromantic community.

@arotaro​​​ created the dark green/light green/white/yellow/gold flag gaining prominence in the community as allo-aro pride:

A horizontal five-stripe flag. Colours in descending order: dark green, light green, white, yellow, gold.

@aro-punkwave created the dark green/cream/red/brown/black flag that’s used by a few allo-aros:

A horizontal five-stripe flag. Colours in descending order: dark green, cream, red, brown, black.

The #alloaro tag on Aro Arrows collects a range of free-use allo-aro flag and stock images, including gradient flags, custom flag edits, bunting, banners and arrow dividers.

I also have master pages of allo-aro arrow dividers, allo-aro letter icons and allo-aro bunting banners in the colours of standard and combo/merged allo-aro pride flags. You may also like my allo-aro cross stitch headers! Bunting and divider images combining allo-aro flags with other LGBTQIA+ pride flags are also available.

Creative Media and Representation

@aroworlds #alloaro: the tag on K. A.’s aromantic creativity Tumblr blog collects allo-aro stories, crafts and visual art pieces.

Allo-Aro Narratives: A list post comprising Tumblr’s free allo-aro fanfiction, stories, poetry, comics and headcanons.

Hallo, Aro: K. A.’s flash fiction series about allo-aro experiences and the intersection of aromanticism with sexual attraction. You can find these stories on Patreon, Tumblr and WordPress.

Bones of Green and Hearts of Gold: a collection of allo-aro and non-asexual aro fantasy and contemporary stories. You can find digital files on Patreon.

When Quiver Meets Quill: a collection of short aromantic contemporary and fantasy fiction, with many stories centring on or including allo-aro characters. You can find digital files on Patreon.

Spirits Most Singular: a collection of aromantic contemporary and fantasy fiction, with many stories centring on or including non-partnering allo-aro characters. You can find digital files on Patreon.

Nine Laws: a fantasy-meets-fairy-tale series focusing on non-partnering allo-aro characters and experiences.

Allo-Aro Fiction: K. A. also has a master post collecting all hir short stories and novelettes with allo-aro narrating protagonists. Most works are available for free as online posts or downloadable digital books.

Five book covers comprised into a single image, all by K. A. Cook. Luck of the Ball shows a garden at night with lanterns hanging from tree branches; Bones of Green and Hearts of Gold shows trees in a misty forest; Hallo, Aro has black script type against a green background surrounded by arrows; The Sorcerous Compendium of Postmortem Query shows a graveyard at night; The Mundane Progression of Premortem Colloquy shows the same graveyard in daylight.

Music and Playlists

When You’re Aro But Still Wanna Bang: @aromantictunes has compiled a playlist of allo-aro friendly songs.

Sleeping With a Friend: @aromantic-pantyanarchy has compiled a list of non-romantic, sexual-relationship focused, allo-aro friendly songs.

AlloAro baby: @arosonist has compiled a list of allo-aro friendly songs.

Aroallo: @aromanticgirlfriend has compiled an emo-heavy list of allo-aro friendly songs.

Allo-Aro Playlist: a list of songs aromantics on Tumblr think speak to allo-aro experiences.

Contact and Support

I encourage a-spec websites, organisations and communities to reference and link to as many of my articles and resources as they find relevant.

If you know of allo-aro-authored books, articles, essays, publications or art that should be listed here as a resource, please send me an ask on Tumblr.

If people wish to reproduce my allo-aro essays, lists or flash fiction pieces in their outreach, send me an ask on Tumblr and tell me what you want to use and how you intend to publish it. This means I can link back to you as a community doing your best to promote allo-aro voices.

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