Allo-Aro Worlds About

Cartoon image of farmland and rolling hills with a tree set off to the left, overlaid with the dark green/light green/white/yellow/gold stripes of the allo-aro pride flag. The text Allo Aro Worlds About sits across the image in a black, antique handdrawn type, bracketed by two Victorian-style dividers.

This is the about page for the Tumblr blog @alloaroworlds.

I’m an allo-aro-identifying abrosexual nebularomantic/idemromantic looking to make a collection of allo-aro creative media, discussion, vent, informative and expression posts. At the time, it was difficult to find allo-aro posts spread out across the broader aromantic community, so I wanted a space that meant followers didn’t have to sift through general aromantic and aro-ace posts to find relatable content.

For information on being allo-aro, what “allo-aro” means, allo-aro inclusion, allo-aro community and allo-aro resources, please check out my allo-aro hub page.

I take submissions and asks for anything related to being allo-aro. This blog always welcomes aros who experience romantic attraction, have differing relationships to romantic attraction or can’t distinguish between romantic and platonic attraction: allo-aro does not exclude us. Allo-aros with fluid orientations who encompass both asexual and allosexual identities should also feel free to speak as allo-aro (because we are).

(Please note that I don’t accept questions about how to write allo-aro or aromantic characters.)

It’s my belief that asexual aros who experience sexual attraction but can’t find connection or community for this within the ace community should be welcome here. If you feel that this label and/or the posts here describe you in part or full, you are absolutely welcome to interact and participate, even if you don’t strictly or solely fit the standard interpretation of “allo-aro”.

My personal definition of allo-aro, for the purposes of this blog, is “someone under the aromantic umbrella who wishes to centre their experiences of sexual attraction alongside their aromantic experiences”.

People who are not allo-aro are welcome to follow and signal boost, but please read the tagging and advisories section below. It’s also worth noting, for my asexual, allo-ace and aro-ace followers, that some of the posts here, both original and reblogged, are likely to voice allo-aro frustration and anger at the ace, a-spec and aro communities. I ask your patience and kindness while we speak, share, express and learn, because we’re new to identifying both the shape of our activism and the nature of our relationship to other a-spec folks.

We are a young community, one just starting to discuss the cultural underpinnings and assumptions that have long pushed us to the side. We’re just starting to realise how much that has impacted our sense of identity and our relationship to aromanticism and asexuality. Sometimes we can have polite conversations about this; sometimes we need to rant to our own. You may find this alienating and distressing, but please understand that this is not directed at any individual ace.


Works and posts that depict or discuss QPRs and the romantic relationships and attractions experienced by folk who aren’t alloromantic (demiromantic or aroflux identities, for example) are absolutely welcome. Works and posts that depict sexual experiences or contain sexual references are absolutely welcome. Low or no romance and low or no sexual content is not a requirement for submissions, asks and posts with @ mentions.

Allo-aros should feel free to discuss their sexual attraction and sexual experiences on this blog, especially where they are impacted or shaped by their aromanticism. They should also feel free to discuss their romantic attraction and experiences on this blog as they shape their sexual attraction and experiences, because we do not have enough conversations by romantic-attraction-experiencing allo-aros!

Unlike the @aroworlds blog, @alloaroworlds doesn’t focus on creative media. Any allo-allo content permitted on Tumblr is allowable here.

For creative media content, this blog otherwise follows the same limitations I’ve laid out in the about page for @aroworlds.

Tagging and Advisories

Followers should note that I am a physically disabled blogger. I generally tag my original content, but the majority of other posts are not tagged. Save for explicit sexual and high romantic content, there will be untagged discussions of potentially triggering or distressing material, including amatonormativity and allo-aro erasure and antagonism.

I do not tag or advise for casual sex or romance mentions or references. The majority of aro and a-spec spaces are historically centred on asexuality, meaning many allo-aros feel required to push aside their sexual attraction and sexual experiences. (Warning for something associated with our allosexual identities is not a value-neutral act.) This blog, therefore, is a space where allo-aros can speak freely about their sexual attraction and sexual experiences, and it will not follow the same standards of advising and tagging common in the rest of the aromantic community.

Additionally, many behaviours that we understand as “romance-coded” are regularly performed by allo-aros in platonic and/or sexual circumstances. For this reason, followers should expect to see posts depicting kissing, embracing and other forms of physical intimacy.

I will only tag and advise for explicit sexual content and high romantic content (think “erotica” and “romance novel” for examples of both). I will not tag and advise for mentions of sex as a concept, casual sex references or non-explicit or non-detailed sex references and/or descriptions.

For this reason, @alloaroworlds is not a protected place for minors and/or people who experience sex repulsion (asexuals and allo-aros alike). It should not be regarded as a general aromantic community space.