Story Collection: Spirits Most Singular

Banner for Spirits Most Singular: Stories For Non-Partnering Aros. Image features dark black handwritten type on a mottled light purple/lilac background. Diagonal rows of arrows with bands, heads and fletching in the colours of the green/light green/white/grey/black aromantic pride flag cross the image above and below the text.
Cover image for Spirits Most Singular: Stories For Non-Partnering Aros by K. A. Cook. Cover features black handwritten type on a mottled light purple/lilac background. Cartoon images of arrows--in four different styles--sit in diagonal rows across the cover, the fletching and shafts coloured in the stripes of the green/light green/white/grey/black aromantic pride flag.

Princess Constance of Blackvale hopes a witch’s entrapment proves less onerous than a royal betrothal. A ring weighs heavy upon a gay trans man who knows no acceptable reason to avoid marrying the man he loves. Suki faces condemnation for scorning her lover’s courtly intentions. Esher Hill’s dogs make his days worth living, but his cousin believes marriage the cure to his depression. Priesthood offers Moll community and purpose in a life eschewing love until their usefulness–and their humanity–comes under question. A baker risks unknowable powers rather than submit to the relationships his mother deems necessary.

When society celebrates partnership as obligate duty, unquestionable necessity and saving grace, what must these aromantics sacrifice to build a world without it?

Spirits Most Singular collects sixteen fantasy and contemporary aromantic stories that don’t centre on a wish for or possession of a partner.

Contains: Aromantics who don’t desire long-term partnerships; aromantics who prefer their intimate relationships to remain casual; aromantics who state upfront their desire for short-term companionship; and aromantics whose challenges in navigating co-workers, relatives and society should have nothing to do with relationship status.

Links: PDF (read in browser)Patreon

PDF, EPUB and MOBI editions are available for download from Patreon.

Length: 78, 000+ words / 247 PDF pages.

A few recent-ish posts in Tumblr’s #aromantic tag expressed a desire for more stories about non-partnering aros. As I am a non-partnering aro and a significant percentage of my stories happen to concern non-partnering aros, I’d planned to make a post listing said stories once I’d finished my Aro Week preparations. It occurred to me a few hours after scheduling the very last post that I could make a themed collection … and if I got my rear into gear, I could even post it before February 26 ended. (Well, before February 26 ended in countries not Australia. Close enough!) So, as a completely last minute, actually-final post for Aro Week, I give you Spirits Most Singular: a free collection of previously-published short stories and novelettes about non-partnering protagonists.

Readers should expect non-explicit or suggestive sex mentions and references in many stories, along with romance references, depictions of physical intimacy and sexual attraction, and depictions of amatonormativity, singlism and aromantic, aro-ace and allo-aro antagonism. Love, ableism, emotional abuse, cissexism, heterosexism, sex negativity and misogyny are also common themes.

Stories include:

Folks in need of individual story blurbs and story-specific content advisories can find this information on the Spirits Most Singular master page.

Lastly, I want to thank my Patreon supporters and every follower on my @aroworlds Tumblr who has engaged with my posts this week. I truly appreciate your kindness!

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