Embroidery Kit Makeover: Nebularo Rainbow

Handdrawn illustration of a green meadow foreground with green pine trees growing against various green-hued mountain ridgelines. Scene is overlaid with the dark green/light green/white/grey/black stripes of the aromantic pride flag. The text Aro Worlds Crafts sits across the image in a black, antique handdrawn type, separated by two ornate Victorian-style black dividers.

Between chronic pain and familial goings-on, I haven’t had the time or spoons I need for writing. I do have a little something to show off, however: another aromanticised embroidery kit!

(“Aromanticised” is a word, I swear.)

K-Mart’s rainbow-themed embroidery kit all but demands a queer makeover. I mean … rainbow, right? After pondering a wealth of options, I chose the nebularomantic flag because the printed design accommodates a seven stripe flag without my repeating colours or making major modifications.

A bamboo embroidery hoop sitting on a blue microfibre blanket. The hoop is filled with cream cloth featuring a rainbow comprising seven separated layers. The centre/innermost layer is a cobalt satin stitched oval, followed by two satin stitched arches in medium and bright blue (each bigger than the previous). A centre arch comprised of circles edged in back stitch is sewn in white, followed by two more satin stitched arches in pink and pink-red. The final/uppermost layer, shaped like an arch surrounding the rainbow, is formed of long clusters of stitches like a sunburst. All colours used in the piece are from the nebularomantic flag.

My satin stitch is improving! I am not good at starting and finishing stitches in the same place, but the odd instances of poking-out stitches don’t much distract from the finished design. The main problem is that unneven maroon-coloured “starburst-style” cluster (a few stitches sewn together) on the left-hand side of the rainbow. When sewing the red-pink stripe, distracted by TV, I pulled a section of my stitches taut against the fabric. This tugged the fabric above that section out of place. Tension is a demanding mistress, but I will learn to respect her!

The kit’s direction for stitching the white/centre stripe circles is, in my opinion, nonsensical. They’re labelled “straight stitch”, but the pattern shows small clusters of satin stitch ringed with back stitch. I ignored it by sewing peaked stars with crossed thread before outlining the circles to cover the printing, but a complete beginner to sewing terminology and stitches must find this instruction utterly perplexing.

My last annoyance isn’t native to the kit: the dollar shop/eBay floss with which I replaced the kit’s floss is so feathery that the dye appears to leach into the cloth. Especially that maroon! While I had (fairly) accurate nebularomantic flag matches for each individual stripe in DMC floss, the colours when placed together looked muddy and dull. I like the vibrancy of my final choices despite their technical inaccuracy, so I must find Sullivans and DMC matches for future nebularo patches. This cheap floss is just not it.

Errors, confusions and questionable thread aside, I think this turned out really cute. A nebularo rainbow? Can’t complain about that!

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