Patreon, Aro Arrows and Other Projects

Handdrawn illustration of a yellow pasture against a background of hills and sporadic trees. Scene is overlaid with the dark green/light green/white/grey/black stripes of the aro pride flag. The text Aro Worlds Discussion Post sits across the image in a black, antique handdrawn type, separated by two ornate Victorian-style black dividers.

It’s been a long time since I’ve last posted to this website. So I thought I’d give you all a rundown on some new projects of mine and updates to a couple of older ones.


One of the problems of being a disabled creator is that when we try to monetise our work, we’re expected–even required, if we hope for a modicum of success at it–to offer up extras in addition to what we’re already doing for free. That makes it difficult to get something like a Patreon up off the ground! I’ve had to take time off everything else to set one up and build up enough content for the next month or two of posting.

I do need support from my community if I wish to survive to keep making aromantic content. So I hope you’ll join me in giving this adventure a shot!

For $1 a month, patron exclusives include:

  • Bones, Belts and Bewitchments, a 275 page collection of Marchverse ficlets, short stories and novelettes where everybody is queer and nobody is alloromantic. Includes the exclusive story Kin of Mind where Darius (Certain Eldritch Artefacts) meets Azhra (Hallo, Aro) and discovers that autistics and dragons have a fair amount in common.
  • Different in Other Ways, a series of fantasy sketches and vignettes about gender, abrosexuality, quoiromanticism, customer service, working-class queerness and friendship. This series shows The Eagle Court‘s Ihrne from the perspective of queer people none too pleased with even the better Iteme royals. If you want a smart-arse abro trans dude with porokeratosis who loves fashion and gives traditional masculinity the middle (scaly, itchy) finger, Harper.
  • Early access to all Hallo, Aro stories.
  • Early access to all free Marchverse stories and books.
  • Early access to general aromantic posts, essays and articles.
  • Free downloads of all paid Marchverse short stories.
  • Sneak-peaks at forthcoming stories.
  • My gratitude undimmed until the ending of the world.

(Why porokeratosis? Because I’ve never seen a fantasy protagonist with my skin, and I yearn to show a character with the magical equivalent of my steroid cream collection.)

Patrons will get exclusive content (unavailable anywhere else) at least once a month, and my goal is to post something every week. I have a collection of short stories I’ve been working on just for patrons!


If you instead prefer a one-off donation, I also have a ko-fi where you can buy me a digital beverage. Aside from helping me with doctors’ bills and survival, I’d like to raise money enough for domain registration and an ad-free plan for my Aro Worlds and Aro Arrows websites. This will help me make my content more accessible for people outside of Tumblr, because I am aware that Tumblr is difficult to access and navigate for those not already used to it.

Thank you so much, lovely reader, for your willingness to help me keep making, collating and supporting aromantic content!

Aro Arrows

In reworking this website, I found myself creating my own pride flag dividers and gradients from a lack of anything else available for free use in a large-enough file size. This is a problem for other aros who lack resources, programs, ability, money or time. Aromantics should be able to make their own blogs, websites and articles displaying the colours and symbols of their pride, irrespective of artistic and financial ability! It seemed to me that’s something I can and should do something about, so Aro Arrows was born–a free aromantic-spectrum stock image archive.

Aro Arrows already has several categories of free-use stock images, including:

I have tried to divide the arrow images up into several shorter pages instead of one or two long ones. I hope folks understand that by giving aro-aces their own page (as the largest collection of identities) I don’t mean that they’re not part of the aromantic spectrum. If anyone has any better suggestions for how to divide and title these, I’m glad to hear them!

Aromantic-Spectrum Flag Archive

Creating my arrow images required research into extant flags. I soon realised that newer aromantic community pride flags (even allo-aro and oriented aro-ace!) take some time to make it to well-known archives like the Pride-Flags DeviantArt. That archive is also difficult to search: “abroromantic” won’t turn up results but “abro” will, and their a-spec category is filled with many asexual, platonic and alterous spectrum flags, making it time-consuming for scrolling. Many flags I used were instead downloaded from Tumblr, but I found the limited file sizes difficult to work with.

It became evident to me that the community needs a high-quality flag image archive focusing only on aromantic-spectrum identities. So I made this on the Aro Arrows website! There’s only a couple of flags up at the moment, but I have multiple queued to post over the next three weeks.

If you are a creator of an aro pride flag or a term associated with a flag, and you want your flag on this archive, please send me a submission on the @aroworlds Tumblr with the following information:

  • The account name of the creator, for crediting.
  • A link to the post where the flag was announced, as it would be nice to preserve references to this part of community history.
  • A link to where the flag is hosted elsewhere or an image of said flag embedded in your submission.

If you already have a 5000 x 3000, 300 PPI version of your flag, I will upload and host it as is. If you don’t, and your flag doesn’t possess a complicated symbol I can’t reproduce, I will create a new image of your flag to meet those requirements.

(If your flag does possess a symbol, send an ask and we’ll discuss how to best handle your design!)

Please note that it does not matter how new, alternate or obscure your flag or related identity is. I want your flag on my website!

Hallo, Aro

This series is continuing, and I have a new story to go up very soon. “Neuronormative” discusses the way my autism shapes my comprehension of aromanticism and romantic attraction as contrasted to my comprehension of sexual attraction. I rarely see acknowledgement of the ways Western society’s understanding of romance is steeped in neuronormativity, so it’s my hope that this story begins further discussions within the aromantic community.

In the meantime, all the previous stories can be read in PDF or EPUB formats or via the web links below:

Thank you so very much for reading, lovely followers. I hope there’s something here that you’ll find interesting or useful, and I am grateful for all the time and support you wish to offer.

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