Aro-Spec Artist Profile: Gracie

Handdrawn watercolour-style image of a sparse forest of redwood trees growing among grassy hills, with a white and orange fox sitting in the grass at the base of a tree on the viewer's right-hand side of the image. Scene is overlaid with the dark green/light green/white/grey/black stripes of the aro pride flag. The text Aro Worlds Artist Profiles sits across the image in a black, antique handdrawn type, separated by two ornate Victorian-style black dividers.

Our latest aro-spec creator is Gracie, known here on Tumblr as @mattdaddorkio, @gracietheshadowwriter and @abookishace!

Gracie is a prolific aromantic and asexual writer who writes the Magnus Bane/Alec Lightwood pairing from Shadowhunters, and her work can be found on AO3 under the username gracie_the_shadow_hunter.

With us Gracie talks about romance and shipping as an aro in fandom, her enjoyment of a good love story and the power of prompts as encouragement! It’s wonderful to see an aro creative’s take on and interest in romance, so please let’s give Gracie all our love, encouragement, gratitude, kudos and follows for taking the time to explore what it is to be aromantic and creative.

Please note that the last two images, under the cut, feature kissing. These images are underneath the answer to the question “How can the aro-spec community best help you as a creative?” if our romance-repulsed followers would like to use that as a stopping point.

Artist Profile - Gracie

Can you share with us your story in being aro-spec?

The way I came to identify with being aro is that growing up, I never really had crushes and anyone, and while the idea of marriage didn’t repulse me, it wasn’t something that I thought I’d want one day.

Are there any particular ways your aro-spec experience is expressed in your art?

Not necessarily; most of my writing is pretty romantic in nature. Me being aro-spec doesn’t really have any effect on how I write romance because while I don’t experience romantic attraction, and the idea of myself being in a relationship makes me uneasy, other people’s romantic relationships fascinate me. What can I say? I enjoy a good love story!

Artist Profile - Gracie

What challenges do you face as an aro-spec artist?

Sometimes I feel like I’m missing that “something” that other romance writers have when they write. I mean, like, most of my writer friends have had crushes/have been in love, and I feel like that adds that “something” to their writing that I can’t, if that makes sense.

How can the aro-spec community best help you as a creative?

Reblogging my posts is always a big help. Also, leaving comments on my fics on Ao3, and sending me prompts always gets me motivated. Making art/moodboards based on my fics is always welcome as well.

Artist Profile - Gracie

Can you share with us something about your current project?

I’m currently writing a fanfic for a Big Bang type of event in my fandom that will be coming up soon.

Artist Profile - Gracie

Have you any forthcoming works we should look forward to?

Yes! This summer I plan on resurrecting a fic that I started working on in the fall, but due to some issues that came up, I wasn’t able to finish it. So I’m super excited to start working on that!

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